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Emerging renewable energy technologies, such as biomass, geothermal, wind, wave, solar etc., show great potential for application worldwide.  We believe that by financially encouraging accomplished students to apply their work towards fully realizing the benefits of these solutions, our world will be  a much better place.

The Foundation wants to recognize our founder, Marc Rappaport. In 2003, Marc donated his holdings in Biomass One, a cogeneration project in White City, Oregon, to the Foundation. As a founder of Biomass One, Marc wanted to continue the development of renewable energy solutions through the endowment he made to the Foundation. Would you consider following his lead?

We are well-equipped to solicit and evaluate scholarship applications; however, we have limited means and need others to provide the money for most of the scholarships we give.  We are happy to accept donations of any amount from anyone!  Our goal is to increase our endowment so that we can give several scholarships a year from our own resources.  As our selection committee will tell you, there are many more deserving students than we have the means to support.

Want a scholarship named after you or your company?  For $2000 per year we will create a scholarship in your name.  A gift of $100,000 can endow a named scholarship in perpetuity.  We are also willing to consider restrictions on your scholarship, such as, the winner must be from some geographic area, an undergraduate, a minority, studying some specific aspect of renewable energy, etc.

Recent history:

2016    We gave 1 scholarship @ $1500

2017    2 @ 1000

2018    2 @ 1500, including one undergraduate

2019    3 @ 1500, including one undergraduate

2020    4 @ 1500, including 1 early undergrad (preferably community college), 1 late undergrad, 1 early grad student, 1 unrestricted

We'd like to keep these numbers going up!  The volunteer board sincerely hopes that you find our cause compelling enough to help. The Renewable Energy Scholarship Foundation is a not for profit public charity that has been granted 501(c)(3) status.  Your generous contributions are tax deductible, EIN 73-1672723.

Thank you for your interest and your donation! Please re-visit this website to follow our journey.

Please mail your donations to:

P.O. Box 66043
Portland, OR 97290

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PS Would you like to become involved with our enterprise -- beyond dollar contributions? We are looking for like-minded people who believe in having an informal, enjoyable experience while accomplishing worthy objectives. Please contact us and we can discuss opportunities at our Foundation.

PPS You can automatically donate a portion of your Amazon purchases to us by clicking this link.